The Hands of Gravity and Chance: A Novel

Author(s) : Thomas Ogden

The Hands of Gravity and Chance: A Novel

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  • Publisher : Karnac Books
  • Published : March 2016
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 300
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 37523
  • ISBN 13 : 9781782203575
  • ISBN 10 : 1782203575

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The Hands of Gravity and Chance is a spell-binding story in which parents find themselves promising and then rescinding what they do not have to give. The story opens with the fall of a thirteen-year-old girl down the stairs of the family house, an event that generates fault lines that spread both forward and backward in time, releasing an explosive energy of love and fear, bitterness and remorse.

Reviews and Endorsements

‘Thomas Ogden’s new novel is even more powerful than his first. He brings his deep and empathic psychoanalytic insight to the lives of the characters he creates. The result is a form of fiction that reflects our contemporary view of tragedy – every bit as relevant as Oedipus or Jocasta. His characters are shaped by the conditions of their lives yet also driven to understand themselves, while attempting to make reparation in the world at large for their painfully difficult choices. Guiding them through their missteps and mistakes is their compelling search for love.’
-- Madelon Sprengnether, Regents Professor of English, University of Minnesota

About the Author(s)

Thomas Ogden, MD, published his debut novel, The Parts Left Out, in 2014. He has also published twelve books of essays on the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, and on the writings of Frost, Borges, Kafka, and others. His most recent works of non-fiction include The Analyst’s Ear and the Critic’s Eye: Rethinking Psychoanalysis and Literature; Creative Readings: Essays on Seminal Analytic Works; Rediscovering Psychoanalysis; and This Art of Psychoanalysis: Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries. . His work has been translated into twenty languages.

Dr Ogden was awarded the 2012 Sigourney Award for his “contributions to the field of psychoanalysis”; the 2010 Haskell Norman Prize for “outstanding achievement as a psychoanalytic clinician, teacher and theoretician”; and the 2004 International Journal of Psychoanalysis Award for “The Most Important Paper of the Year.” He practices psychoanalysis in San Francisco, where he teaches both psychoanalysis and creative writing.

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Phyllis M. Skoy on 30/04/2016 17:18:28

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Thomas Ogden's second novel, The Hands Of Gravity And Chance, surpasses even the high level of expectation one would have after having read his first novel, The Parts Left Out. Ogden's compassion for all that lives within us is evidenced through his carefully and beautifully written characters. Even when the choices they make are unthinkable and their individual emotional survival realistically hangs in the balance, we are driven to hold out every hope for them. A complex tale of interwoven and layered webs of secrets and intrigues leave us with the question of what is both possible and impossible within the human experience. Ogden's genius as a writer is magically and mysteriously augmented by his genius as a psychoanalyst.

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