Eat the Evidence: A Journey Through The Dark Boroughs Of A Pedophilic Cannibal's Mind

Author(s) : John C. Espy

Eat the Evidence: A Journey Through The Dark Boroughs Of A Pedophilic Cannibal's Mind

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  • Publisher : Karnac Books
  • Published : February 2014
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 266
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  • ISBN 13 : 9781782200338
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Eat The Evidence tells the story of a violent serial pedophile and murderer. It does not attempt to take the reader inside the mind of a serial killer, rather it attempts to take the serial perpetrator into the psyche of the reader. This allows the reader to experience a portion of the psychic primitiveness that a serial perpetrator uses to ensnare his victims. Eat The Evidence follows Nathaneal Bar Jonah from birth to death on a torrent of pedophilic and homicidal mayhem. The book was compiled from hundreds of hours of interviews and more than a hundred thousand pages of court documents.

Reviews and Endorsements

‘I first met John Espy a few years ago when we worked together on a homicide case in northern Montana. I’ve worked on hundreds of cases and I’ve met a lot of investigators, scientists, and experts who have spent their lives researching the heights, and deep, deep depths, of the human psyche. But I never met an expert who impressed me more than John: tough, compassionate, experienced, literate, and clearly brilliant. Just the qualities a writer needs to be able to research, and understand, and explain to the reader the unbelievable journey through the mind of the subject of this amazing book. As terrifying as the voyage may be, you couldn’t have a better guide than John Espy. You know he’ll have your back. And you’ll need it.’
— Robert A. Leonard, PhD, Professor of Linguistics; Director, Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Threat Assessment and Strategic Analysis, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, USA

‘This journey through a pedophilic cannibal’s mind is at once a story for us all and a blueprint for professional psychologists of a human so evil as to cause us all to rethink what our species is capable of. Dr Espy, displaying here superb sharp-eyed empirical research and expressing his findings in a literarily graceful manner, brings out the essence of Nathaneal Bar Jonah, is so real and immediate a way that I found it at times difficult even approaching the pages of this masterly work.’
— John Herrmann, former Director of Creative Writing and American Literature, University of Montana

‘When John Espy first contacted me I was relieved to find someone who understood exactly where I had been forced to go in the search for my missing childhood friend - into the innermost thoughts of serial pedophiles. By sharing our research John and I were able to put together pieces of a puzzle that no one else had been willing to share. We learned that not only was Nathaneal Bar Jonah a serial pedophile and alleged murderer, but he was also part of an intricate fraternity of pedophiles who shared information and resources to abduct and murder children across the country. John Espy’s commitment to telling the truth about Nathaneal Bar Jonah and his associations is a testament to his search for justice in a world where all too often law enforcement acts as if the death of a criminal predicates the ability to find answers for his victims. His research is horrifyingly accurate. This book is a must-read for those who aren’t afraid of the truth, especially if the truth results in justice for all.’
— Melanie Perkins, Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker (Best Investigative Journalism) for Have You Seen Andy?

About the Author(s)

John C. Espy, PhD, LCSW, has been practicing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for the past thirty-five years. He was supervised by R.D. Laing for many years and conducted a weekly supervision group with Sheldon Kopp. He has worked extensively in the area of primitive and psychotic personalities and has interviewed more than twenty serial murderers and pedophiles in the United States and Europe as part of his research on the manifestation of malignant projective-identification. His current practice primarily focuses on clinical and forensic consultation and long term treatment. He was previously a neurotoxicologist with NASA and has taught at numerous universities throughout the United States. Dr Espy is also a long standing member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work and northwestern United States group moderator for the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society.

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Vilhelm Meiter, MD on 20/08/2016 01:36:22

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I recently purchased this trilogy from Amazon. One of the reviewers said that Dr. Espy was 'not the greatest writer in the world and that the book needed to be edited better.' I have now read the entire trilogy and must say that I completely disagree with this reviewer's assessment. I rarely write reviews of anything however the Eat the Evidence trilogy is from my point of view a work of absolute genius. Espy took a gritty subject, namely Nathanel Bar Jonah, and burrowed him right into the reader's soul. Before you know it you are dreaming about him, imagining how he looked, smelled. There are times in the book when Espy's writing took my breath away. There are numerous grammatical errors in the book but this in no way takes away from the mastery of the writing. I have published over 40 professional articles and sit as a reviewer on several professional journals, I evaluate writing style and delivery regularly and I can tell you Espy is a first rate writer who is able to take a highly complex story line and bring it to the reader with eloquence. Clearly there are countless other nonfictional accounts of serial murderers, Eat The Evidence sits at the top! I highly recommend this book.

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