Ian Rory Owen

Ian Rory Owen was born in New Zealand in 1960 and holds a first degree in engineering and a masters and PhD in counselling and psychotherapy. He has qualifications in cognitive behavioural therapy and medical anthropology. Previously he was a senior lecturer in counselling psychology at Wolverhampton University. Since 2001 he has been a principal psychotherapist in the NHS in Leeds. He practices brief individual therapy with people with complex psychological needs.

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On Attachment: The View from Developmental Psychology

On Attachment: The View from Developmental Psychology

by Ian Rory Owen

  • Paperback $45.86 (RRP : $50.95 save $5.09)
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Attachment theory occupies an integrative position between psychodynamic therapy and various perspectives within empirical psychology. Since therapy began, its way of thinking has been to interpret... (more)

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