Lawrence Goldie

Lawrence Goldie was a consultant psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist who worked in the National Health Service at three postgraduate Institutes of London University. His psychiatric training was at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, where he conducted neuro-physiological research in the department of Sir Denis Hill. This ground-breaking research combined physiological observation with psychoanalytic interviews with patients with Petit Mal. He published widely from his research on a variety of topics which principally concerned the relationship of mental events to psycho-sociological phenomena, including hypnosis and trauma, epilepsy, sleep patterns in infants, and intra-cranial bruits. Goldie’s research on attention and inattention in neuro-physiology was the subject of a leading article in Nature. His Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Cancer Patients: Bearing Cancer in Mind was published in 2005.

Presence of Mind in Neurophysiological Processes

Presence of Mind in Neurophysiological Processes

by Lawrence Goldie, Jane Desmarais

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This book is a study of the simultaneous physiological recordings and psychoanalytic observations when emotional/psychological responses to external stimuli occur pari passu with observed... (more)

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