William Rose

William Rose was born and continues to live in London. He has had, for many years, a special interest in both the art of the Symbolist movement and the early development of psychoanalysis, two areas of cultural purpose that in their own very different ways, aimed to free the human psyche from the limitations of repression.

The Strange Case of Madeleine Seguin: A Novel

The Strange Case of Madeleine Seguin: A Novel

by William Rose

  • Paperback $19.76 (RRP : $21.95 save $2.19)
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  • Paperback + eBook $28.76 (RRP : $38.14 save $9.38)

It is Paris in the 1880s and the century is in its final decadent throes as it moves towards the fin de siecle. New scientific ideas are countered by a resurgent interest in the practice of magic,... (more)

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