Barry Maletzky

Dr Barry Maletzky graduated from Columbia University with a BA and from Stony Brook Medical School with an MD. He completed a residency in psychiatry at the Oregon Health Sciences University in 1971. Following two years of service in the military, he entered the practice of psychiatry in Portland, OR in 1973. Dr Maletzky began specializing in several fields in psychiatry, including the treatment of severe depression, the use of electroconvulsive therapy, and the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders. In 1978 he founded the Sexual Abuse Clinic to treat sexual offenders and their victims. Since that time, the clinic has become one of the largest and most established such clinics in the world.

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Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Offender: Common Man or Monster?

Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Offender: Common Man or Monster?

by Barry Maletzky

  • Paperback $38.66 (RRP : $42.95 save $4.29)
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Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Offender examines the myths perpetuated by the media and widely held by the public, by providing actual data, with case examples, to demonstrate how sexual offending... (more)

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