Damien W. Riggs

Damien W. Riggs is an Associate Professor in social work at Flinders University and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. He is the author of over 150 publications in the fields of gender/sexuality studies and mental health. He also works in private practice as a Lacanian psychotherapist.

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Pink Herrings: Fantasy, Object Choice, and Sexuation

Pink Herrings: Fantasy, Object Choice, and Sexuation

by Damien W. Riggs

  • Paperback $29.66 (RRP : $32.95 save $3.29)
  • eBook $24.29 (RRP : $32.95 save $8.66)
  • Paperback + eBook $43.16 (RRP : $57.24 save $14.08)

Pink Herrings engages in a re-examination of six of Freud’s cases via Lacan’s account of sexuation. Specifi cally, the book outlines a theoretical framework in which sexuation is understood as a... (more)

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