Sophia Gore

The author of this book has suffered chronic anorexia nervosa for the past sixteen years of her life. During this time she has had various approaches in regards to treatment, some of which were taken voluntarily, but the majority were involuntary and administered under the Mental Health Act. This book has been difficult for the author to write, but also liberating in that it has allowed her to let go of the resentment that she had always felt towards enforced treatment, and to consider it in a wider context. It has been an opportunity to release some of the shame that so often accompanies anorexia, and which needs to change in order for sufferers developing eating disorders to confront their issues before the condition becomes much less treatable. Sophia Gore is a pseudonym.

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The Rustle of a Wing: Finding Hope Beyond Anorexia

The Rustle of a Wing: Finding Hope Beyond Anorexia

by Sophia Gore

  • Paperback $22.46 (RRP : $24.95 save $2.49)
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‘That’s the catch when you stop eating – food starts to eat you.’

Sophia Gore was thirteen years old when she began starving herself. She had no idea that nearly two decades later she would... (more)

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