Michael Gerard Plastow

Michael Gerard Plastow is a psychoanalyst working in private practice in Melbourne. He is an analyst of the Freudian School of Melbourne School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis. He also practises in the public sector as a child psychiatrist at the Alfred Child and Youth Mental Health Service where he leads a multi-disciplinary team. Over a number of years he has convened a seminar on Psychoanalysis and the Child with Tine Nørregaard, also a psychoanalyst in The Freudian School of Melbourne. This collaboration has given rise to the writing of the book entitled What is a Child?: Childhood, Psychoanalysis, and Discourse.

Michael has published extensively in the psychoanalytic, psychiatric, and academic literature, and frequently presents his work at colloquia and conferences in Australia, Europe, and Latin America. He has a particular interest in the question of translation in psychoanalysis and has translated a number of papers into English from French, Spanish, and Portuguese. His translation into English of Jacques Lacan’s seminar The Knowledge of the Psychoanalyst was published in 2013 as a bilingual edition by the Association Lacanienne Internationale.

What is a Child?: Childhood, Psychoanalysis, and Discourse

What is a Child?: Childhood, Psychoanalysis, and Discourse

by Michael Gerard Plastow

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Childhood is defined in different preconceived manners by different discourses. Thus the categories defined by age such as infant, child, adolescent and so on, are to some extent arbitrary divisions... (more)

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