Leon Burnett

Leon Burnett, PhD, is Reader in Literature and Director of the Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex. He has edited F. M. Dostoevsky (1821-1881): A Centenary Collection (1981) and Word in Time: Poetry, Narrative, Translation (1997). From 1992 to 2000 he edited New Comparison: A Journal of Comparative and General Literary Studies.

Myth, Literature, and the Unconscious

Myth, Literature, and the Unconscious

Edited by Leon Burnett, Sanja Bahun

  • Paperback $40.46 (RRP : $44.95 save $4.49)
  • eBook $31.49 (RRP : $44.95 save $13.46)
  • Paperback + eBook $57.96 (RRP : $76.44 save $18.48)

At a time when the place and significance of myth in society has come under renewed scrutiny, Myth, Literature, and the Unconscious contributes to shaping the new interdisciplinary field of myth... (more)

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