Ulla Charlotte Beck

Ulla Charlotte Beck is a psychoanalytic group analyst, who has worked in organizational psychology for many years. She runs an independent consultancy company and is a lecturer and consultant. She is author, or coauthor, of several articles and books on organizational psychology.

Psychodynamic Coaching: Focus and Depth

Psychodynamic Coaching: Focus and Depth

by Ulla Charlotte Beck

  • Paperback $34.16 (RRP : $37.95 save $3.79)
  • eBook $26.09 (RRP : $37.95 save $11.86)
  • Paperback + eBook $48.66 (RRP : $64.04 save $15.38)

In a postmodern age we all need a room of our own. A room – or space – where we can explore and reflect on how the rapidly changing world affects us. A room where it is possible to get a feeling of... (more)

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