Ronald Ruskin

Ronald Ruskin is a psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Hospital, associate professor and training and supervising analyst at Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis. He has co-edited texts on psychotherapy supervision, as well as on humanities and medicine, such as his 2011 book Body and Soul. He is a founding editor of Ars Medica, a medical-humanities journal, published over forty-five stories in literary and medical journals, and written a thriller entitled The Last Panic, and The Analyst Who Laughed to Death, the tragic-comic story of a tormented analyst who never escaped childhood.

The Analyst Who Laughed to Death

The Analyst Who Laughed to Death

by Ronald Ruskin

  • Paperback $19.61 (RRP : $21.95 save $2.34)
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The Analyst Who Laughed to Death recounts Dr Reuben Moses’ last days as a therapist for suicidal, psychopathic, and depressed patients. Despite his geniality, Moses is tortured. His wife has an... (more)

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