Ramsey Dukes

Ramsey Dukes is the current and most well-known pen name of Lionel Snell, a contemporary English magician, publisher and author on magic and philosophy. Since 1972 he has written and published several books noted for their impact on late 20th-century magic and humour. Dukes has worked on the subject of magic with diverse associates including the Ordo Templi Orientis and Illuminates of Thanateros. He has a lively online presence including a YouTube channel.

The Abramelin Diaries

The Abramelin Diaries

by Ramsey Dukes

  • Paperback $17.96 (RRP : $19.95 save $1.99)

This is the author’s occult diary for the six months of the 1977 Abramelin operation, plus three introductions giving: 1) A brief history of the book and the tradition; 2) his story of the Abramelin... (more)

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