Ramsey Dukes

Ramsey Dukes is the current and most well-known pen name of Lionel Snell, a contemporary English magician, publisher and author on magic and philosophy. Since 1972 he has written and published several books noted for their impact on late 20th-century magic and humour. Dukes has worked on the subject of magic with diverse associates including the Ordo Templi Orientis and Illuminates of Thanateros. He has a lively online presence including a YouTube channel.

The Abramelin Diaries

The Abramelin Diaries

by Ramsey Dukes

  • Paperback $17.96 (RRP : $19.95 save $1.99)

The Abramelin Operation is an occult ritual intended to lead to enlightenment from one’s ‘guardian angel’, which has had an awesome reputation since S. L. McGregor Mathers first translated it in... (more)

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