Marion Bower

Marion Bower is a consultant social worker in the Learning and Complex Disability service at the Tavistock Clinic. She is also a psychotherapist in private practice. She edited Thinking Under Fire: Psychoanalytic Theory for Social Work Practice. She is currently working on a biography of Joan Riviere.

Addictive States of Mind

Addictive States of Mind

Edited by Marion Bower, Robert Hale

  • Paperback $41.36 (RRP : $45.95 save $4.59)
  • eBook $32.39 (RRP : $45.95 save $13.56)
  • Paperback + eBook $59.36 (RRP : $78.34 save $18.98)

'Perversion is taken to mean different things within psychoanalytic discourse. In this book the authors view perversions, not in terms of specific behaviours, but as a type of blueprint for object... (more)

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