Leslie Chapman

Leslie Chapman is a Lacanian psychoanalyst in private practice, based in Hampshire, United Kingdom. He has a long-standing interest in trauma and its relation to Lacanian ideas and practice, with a particular interest in how psychoanalytic ideas can be used to explore wider social and historical questions. He publishes a range of articles on psychoanalysis on his own blogging platform, as well as having written a number of published journal articles on topics including corporate stress and NHS psychotherapy as the new Taylorism. He is an Associate of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research.

Touching the Real: Trauma, History, and Psychoanalysis

Touching the Real: Trauma, History, and Psychoanalysis

by Leslie Chapman

  • Paperback $36.86 (RRP : $40.95 save $4.09)

In this book, Leslie Chapman explores the whole notion of trauma and how it can be conceptualised in terms of the Lacanian Real. In the process, he also looks at how trauma is situated within... (more)

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