Rene Major

René Major is a renowned psychoanalyst practicing in Paris. He was previously Director of the Institut de psychanalyse de Paris. In 1979 he created the journal Confrontation, a publication linking contemporary art to literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. He was later named Program Director at the International College of Philosophy in Paris where he placed particular emphasis on the intersection between philosophy and psychoanalysis. In 2000, he organised an international meeting of psychoanalysts at the Sorbonne, attended by over 1000 participants from thirty-four countries, to discuss the general state of the “science” of psychoanalysis. In 2003 he founded the Institut des hautes études en psychanalyse (Institute of Advanced Studies in Psychoanalysis). René Major is the author of numerous books, including Rêver l’autre, Le Discernement, De l’Élection, Lacan avec Derrida, La Démocratie en cruauté, Au coeur de l’économie, l’inconscient ('The Unconscious at the Heart of Economy'). He also edited the collective work Derrida pour les temps à venir.

Freud: The Unconscious and World Affairs

Freud: The Unconscious and World Affairs

by Rene Major, Chantal Talagrand

  • Paperback $39.56 (RRP : $43.95 save $4.39)

This book sheds a new light on Freud, who from the beginning was aware that the psychoanalytic edifice he was constructing – which revealed in each individual an “ego not master in its own house” –... (more)

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