Francesco Bisagni

Francesco Bisagni, MD, is a psychiatrist, a Jungian analyst, and a Tavistock-model trained child psychotherapist. He is a Training Analyst of the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) and a psychoanalyst of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP) in the US. He is a Training and Supervising Analyst of the Centre for Studies in Contemporary Psychoanalyses (CSPC) in Milan. He is the author and editor of a number of books and articles published in Italy and in the major analytic journals.

Obsessions: The Twisted Cruelty

Obsessions: The Twisted Cruelty

by Francesco Bisagni

  • Paperback $41.36 (RRP : $45.95 save $4.59)
  • eBook $33.29 (RRP : $45.95 save $12.66)
  • Paperback + eBook $59.86 (RRP : $79.24 save $19.38)

This book explores the interrelatedness between obsessive compulsive disorders, thinking disorders, and depression. The issue is considered both from a psychiatric viewpoint and from a psychodynamic... (more)

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