Stuart W. Twemlow

Stuart W. Twemlow, MD is medical director of the Hope Program, director of the Peaceful Schools and Communities Project of the Child and Family Program, the Menninger Clinic; professor of psychiatry of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine; and faculty member of the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute.

Textbook of Applied Psychoanalysis

Textbook of Applied Psychoanalysis

Edited by Salman Akhtar, Stuart W. Twemlow

  • Hardback $85.50 (RRP : $95.00 save $9.50)

The Textbook of Applied Psychoanalysis is a unique and original contribution to the field of psychoanalysis. Emphasizing and underscoring the need for interdisciplinary discourse in understanding the... (more)

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